HealthTap Account Basics: Free and Premium Services

Last Updated: Feb 09, 2017 01:41AM UTC
HealthTap+ offers free membership to help you manage your health on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. We also offer premium services (HealthTap Prime and HealthTap Concierge) with for Virtual Consults with U.S-licensed doctors anytime anywhere so you and your loved ones have instant access to trusted information, second opinions, and care.

Free plan: At no cost, you can use HealthTap's free features:
  • A​sk free and anonymous health questions to get answers from doctors in HealthTap's Medical Expert Network
  • Explore our extensive library of health information curated by trusted doctors
  • Subscribe to health and healthy-living tips
  • Use checklists to live healthier, manage a condition, and feel good every day
  • Securely store, quickly update, and easily manage your personal health information
  • Find doctors who can help you

HealthTap Prime subscription: Take care of yourself and your loved ones with a HealthTap Prime subscription. As a HealthTap Prime subscriber, you get all of the features of the Free plan plus the following:
  • Get peace of mind with access to U.S.-licensed HealthTap Prime certified primary-care physicians in live Virtual Consults on your mobile device or computer.
  • Save time and money getting immediate access to trusted doctors and doctor-curated information.
  • Get prescriptions (no DEA I-IV, lifestyle, psychiatric, or state-regulated medications), referrals, lab orders (with Quest Diagnostics), doctor-recommended checklists, and tips (as medically appropriate).
  • Receive free priority access to answers from top doctors (usually $9.99 USD per question).
  • Guarantee more than one doctor answer to your health question for free (usually $9.99 USD per question).
  • Add details (+100 characters) to your question for free (usually $9.99 USD per question).
  • Get discounts with doctors in the HealthTap Concierge service (specialists or other doctors whom you choose to consult).
HealthTap Concierge: Get care from your doctor in Virtual Consults on HealthTap, find and do consults with new primary-care doctors or specialists, and get second opinions on prior diagnoses from the doctors of your choice.
  • Save time and money doing Virtual Consults with available primary-care physicians and specialists of your choice on HealthTap Concierge.
  • Develop deeper, more personal relationships with your doctors, and connect for about the cost of a regular office visit insurance copay.
  • When medically appropriate (as determined by the consulting doctor), get prescriptions (no DEA I-V, lifestyle, or state-regulated medications), referrals, lab orders (with Quest Diagnostics), doctor-recommended checklists, and tips.