Explore Symptoms

Last Updated: Feb 08, 2017 07:34PM UTC
To browse "Symptoms" on HealthTap, please follow the three steps below:
  1. Select the "Search" tool from the menu.
  2. Select "Symptoms."
  3. Select "Tap anywhere to start" to begin exploring your symptoms with our new "Dr. Ai" tool.
  4. Select the person for which you would like to check symptoms.
  5. Drag your cursor our finger over the anatomical body part where you are experiencing symptoms to bring up a menu of symptoms related to that body part in our database. Or, you may type a symptom in the searchbar instead.
  6. When you find a symptom that matches one you're experiencing, please select it on the righthand side. You will see a mark when it is selected properly.
  7. When you are done entering/selecting all your symptoms, select "Create Report."
  8. If any additional questions pop up, please answer these to help narrow down what could be going on.
  9. You will be presented with a list of "Possible Explanations" from a number of doctors (however many helped curate the content/likelihoods). The ordering of condition possibilities are from most to least likely, depending on what you entered as symptoms. Underneath the condition possibilities, you will see the recommended action to bet address that condition.

    *Disclaimer“Dr. A.I.” is not a doctor, it is a tool that provides information from a doctor-created medical knowledge-base, including symptoms and possible related conditions. When you choose to use this tool, we may calculate and present conditions or treatment options medically related to the symptoms and data you enter. This information is not a diagnosis, and it does not mean that you have (or don't have) any particular potential conditions. The information on HealthTap (including this tool) is for educational and informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment recommendations. Immediately call or visit your doctor or local emergency services provider if you believe you may be having a medical emergency.
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