How to Set Up an Influencer Account

Last Updated: Jul 25, 2014 07:39AM UTC
When you are verified as an Influencer on HealthTap, you get a new menu option: Influencer.

To get started as an Influencer, please do the following:
  • Enter your Influencer Bio to summarize you and your enthusiasm for health.
  • Connect your Facebook and/or Twitter account to your HealthTap account: linking your HealthTap Influencer account Facebook or Twitter allows you to import FeelGood moments or helpful news articles for your growing HealthTap audience. Posts that mention "#healthtap", "#feelgood," or health topics will be imported and shown to doctors and members daily!
  • Select Known For topics: Tell the world what health topics of expertise you'd like to be "known for." People interested in these topics will be more likely to discover your posts and become your followers.
  • Share a Feel Good :) Moment: inspire millions with a beautiful or delightful photo and caption.
  • Post Article:  Share a helpful article and your opinion to give people access to information that can inform their health decision.