HealthTap's Premium Features and Plans

Last Updated: Feb 08, 2017 08:38PM UTC
We are excited to announce our premium service, HealthTap Prime, that will allow you to talk with a U.S.-licensed HealthTap Prime certified doctor in real time by video, voice, and text chat from the convenience of your mobile device or computer anytime, anywhere***. Introducing the Virtual Consult, a comprehensive virtual healthcare experience that will delight you and give you instant access to great doctors who can help you immediately address your health concerns.

Subscribe to an Unlimited Plan and get Virtual Consults and additional account enhancements for just $99 per month (add additional family members to an Unlimited Plan for just $10 more per month). It takes just a few minutes to learn more about Virtual Consults, plans, and pricing so you can get started on HealthTap Prime and feel good today.

We also have a service for Virtual Consults with specific doctors or Specialists, called HealthTap Concierge. Just like with HealthTap Prime, you have the opportunity to speak with a U.S.-licensed HealthTap certified doctor in real time or appointment by video, voice, and text chat anytime, anywhere. Consults are charged on a per-consult basis and start as low as $49 per consult (or, discounted at $44 per consult if you are also subscribed to HealthTap Prime).

***HealthTap Virtual Consults are not intended for use in medical emergencies. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911 or other local emergency services and/or rush to the emergency room of a nearby hospital or medical clinic.