What to Expect in a Virtual Consult

Last Updated: Feb 08, 2017 11:32PM UTC
A Virtual Consult will connect you with a U.S.-licensed physician who has been certified by HealthTap to provide high-quality, efficient, friendly, and all-around delightful Virtual Consults--both Primary-Care and Specialty.

You may interact with physicians via video, voice, or text in real time, or you may send doctors a text & attachment message to get a quick response shortly thereafter.

You can expect the following from a Virtual Consult with a HealthTap doctor:
HealthTap Virtual Consults are designed to be effective and focused on the kinds of issues that are appropriate for audio, video, or text consults. Occasionally, a doctor may inform you that your symptoms or conditions require in-person care or examination. When this happens, you understand that such an issue will need to be addressed in an office visit with your Primary Care doctor or a specialist.  
HealthTap Virtual Consults are designed to be efficient and get you back to daily life as quickly as possible. Expect your consult with the doctor to be similar to the amount of time you'd see your doctor for an in-office visit: typically 15 minutes or less. The doctor will help you determine if more time is necessary in any given consult.
Expert Advice
Doctors on HealthTap Prime and Concierge are some of the best Primary Care and Specialist practitioners in the U.S. They are happy to help you and want you to feel good and get the information and help you need to effectively address your health concerns.