How to Do a Live Virtual Consult

Last Updated: Feb 09, 2017 01:09AM UTC
You can easily start a Live HealthTap Virtual Consult on your mobile device or personal computer anytime anywhere. You will have the best Virtual Consult experience if you have already completed your profile. (If you are using a desktop or laptop or computer, the first time you do a Virtual Consult, you may have to install the HealthTap Plugin.)

Please follow the steps below to start a HealthTap+ Virtual Consult:
  1. Select "Ask Docs" (see image below) from the HealthTap menu on the website or in the app.
  2. Select "Tap anywhere to start."

  3. Select the person whom the consult is for.

  4. If you would like to input your conditions using Dr. Ai, you may feel free to do so. This interface will then present you with various conditions that may be likely according to what you entered. If you would rather consult directly with a doctor, select "Ask doctors."
  5. Tell us what you would like to ask the doctors about in the blank field underneath "What would you like to ask our doctors?" Then, select "Continue."
     (***HealthTap Virtual Consults are not intended for use in medical emergencies. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911 or other local emergency services and/or rush to the emergency room of a nearby hospital or medical clinic).
  6. Select "Primary care doctor--$99 per month."

  7. Review your question (you may modify it if you would like) and add photos, videos, or documents as attachments for the Virtual Consult physician to review. Make sure you understand and read the Guidelines for Virtual Consults and agree to the Terms of Service (hyperlinked at the bottom of that page). Then, select whether or not you'd like to have a video, voice, or text chat consult at the bottom.
  8. Please enter your payment information here (if you haven't subscribed to HealthTap Prime already). If you have a promo code for a HealthTap Prime consult or subscription, please apply it by selecting "Have a promo code?" Then, select "Pay and continue at the bottom of the screen.
  9. (If you are using a desktop or laptop computer for a Virtual Consult for the first time, you will have to install the HealthTap Virtual Consults Plugin [see image below]; you do not have to install a plugin if you are using the HealthTap app on a device).
  10. Once payment information has been verified, the doctor should be with you shortly.
  11. (The first time that you do a Virtual Consult with a doctor on your computer, please allow your browser to run HealthTap or VidyoWeb always.) (see example Google Chrome image below)
  12. After you have completed your Virtual Consult with the doctor, please rate the doctor.
  13. The doctor will send you your Virtual Consult record, which you may find anytime through the "Consults" section of the HealthTap menu.
  14. The doctor's recommendations from your Virtual Consult become a checklist that you may find anytime in your "To-Do" list.