Can I get a prescription, a medical diagnosis, or medical treatment on HealthTap?

Last Updated: Mar 30, 2017 07:10PM UTC
For free, anonymous questions and answers on HealthTap, the answer is "no." Prescriptions, diagnosis, and medical treatment are not available in HealthTap free questions and answers. Please see a doctor in a HealthTap Virtual Consult, your doctor, or another medical care provider for these as you normally would. Even if your real-life doctor is on HealthTap, prescriptions, diagnosis, and treatment should not take place on or over the HealthTap's free services. HealthTap's free service is not intended or designed to replace your doctor's independent judgment about the appropriateness or risks of symptoms, conditions, or treatments (including procedures) for any given person, including you.

For Virtual Consults on HealthTap+ Prime, the short answer is "yes." Physicians performing virtual consults on HealthTap Prime may prescribe allowed medications in such virtual consults when in the doctor’s sole judgement it is medically appropriate to do so. However, you are not guaranteed any prescription in a HealthTap Prime virtual consult. The determination that a medical concern warrants a prescription is always made at the discretion of the consulting physician in a HealthTap Prime virtual consult and not prior to such a consult. In short, HealthTap Virtual Consults allow doctors to diagnose, outline medical treatment, and prescribe certain drugs in Virtual Consults related to Primary Care medical concerns.

The following types of prescriptions do not belong in the HealthTap formulary and thus cannot be prescribed in our system:
  • DEA Schedule I-V
  • State-Regulated
  • Psychiatric (except for established patients of physicians in HealthTap Concierge)
  • Lifestyle (e.g. Weight-loss medications, Viagra, etc.)