Promote Your App with AppRx Badges & Social Media Icons

Last Updated: Dec 31, 2014 10:52PM UTC

This article is for app developers about promoting your health and wellness app to doctors, and using your doctor-recommendations on your website.  For information about the 2014 AppRx Awards, please see our blog

Posting badges and/or social media icons and cycling traffic to your apps doctor-review page optimizes your apps in our queue so they have a better chance of getting doctor recommendations.  We do this because doctors are more likely to engage with developers and users who show interest in hearing their feedback.  This is a free service and there are no fees to participate. 

How Doctor Reviews Work: 
Doctors review apps based on three criteria: 

  • The medical soundness of the app
  • The app’s utility in supporting health or healthy living goals
  • The app’s usability.
‚ÄčThere are no negative reviews. Apps that do not pass the doctor’s standards simply do not get reviewed.

Doctors on HealthTap review apps by searching for them by name, or by selecting apps from a random review queue visible within their HealthTap account. You can increase the frequency and visibility of your app in our doctor review queue in three ways:

  1. Get more user votes on your HealthTap app listing page
  2. Get more page views of your HealthTap app listing page
  3. Post more featured links to your app (see below)
Please note: There are no fees to vote, and there are no fees to promote your positive reviews. 

In addition HealthTap has an AppRx blog where we independently feature top doctor-recommended apps on a particular health and wellness topic. 

Your App Information:
Before you get started make sure you have the following for each app you want to promote.  Your current app name {App Name} and your HealthTap App ID {App HTID}.  

To find your HealthTap App ID number:

  1. Search for your app on the HealthTap site (currently you must be logged into the site to access this function)
  2. Go to your HealthTap app listing
  3. Collect the number at the end of the URL as shown below. 
  4. If you are unable to find your app, or would like to update your listing, please let us know here{App HTID}


Large Badge: 
Put up a "doctor-recommended badge" on your app's promotional pages, its a quality indicator for your app which automatically updates with a count of positive reviews.   If your app has no votes, the badge just says “Featured on HealthTap”.  As votes increase, so does your badge display.  Badges can also be customized.  Set “data-show-votes” to “true” if you want to show the number of recommendations, and select your color, the options are “dark”, “light”, and “gold”.

<div class="ht_app_developer_widget" data-app-id="{App HTID}" data-show-votes="true" data-theme="light">Top doctors recommend <a href=""{App HTID}">{App Name}</a> on <a href= "">HealthTap</a><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script></div>

Small Badge
Put up the count of "doctor-recommendations" your app has received on your app's promotional pages, it automatically updates each time a doctor recommends your app.  With no votes, the icon just says "Featured to Top U.S. Doctors".

<div class="ht_app_developer_widget" data-app-id="{App HTID}" data-show-votes="true" data-button="true">Top doctors recommend <a href="{App HTID}>{App Name}</a> on <a href="">HealthTap</a><script type="text/javascript" src="" ></script></div>

Circle Social Media Icon:
Adding code to this social media icon links to your apps featured page on HealthTap.  

<a href="{App HTID}"><img src="{App HTID}" alt="Top Doctors Recommend {App Name} on HealthTap"></a>

Square Social Media Icon:
Adding code to this social media icon links to your apps featured page on HealthTap. 

<a href="{App HTID}"><img src="{App HTID}" alt="Top Doctors Recommend {App Name} on HealthTap"></a